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Piano Rock

Okay, so if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s this: I LOVE Pop music. All kinds of pop, from Backstreet Boys, John Mayer, The Beatles even to Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. That generic packaged pop sound = love.

I know, I know, normally blogs like this are to be UN-conforming. However I’m going to write a blog soon about how dynamic pop is. I bet you’d be surprised at how many pop bands you like as well!

Now, I don’t ONLY like pop and I don’t ONLY listen to pop. My taste goes all over the place and I listen to all genres. The last few months one particular genre has taken over my life:

Piano rock. Most rock music is based around the guitar however piano rock is based around… you guessed it! The piano.

Piano rock became popular in the 1970s, starting with artists such as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen and has continued to this day with the likes of Ben Folds, Augustana and The Fray.

Here are some of my favorite examples of Piano rock:

Augustana – “Fire” and classic, “Boston

Ben Folds – “Annie Waits” and “Still Fighting It” (*in fact, the entire Rockin’ The Suburbs album is great and you should just go buy it)

The Fray – “Little House” and “How To Save A Life

So what say you on Piano Rock?

– M