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Interview with Wil Seabrook

Hey all,

So we recently had the luck to do an interview with the one and only Wil Seabrook! Wil is an artist who emulates having a purpose for his music, a great live and recorded sound, showmanship and talent! (Plus he has a face ladies die for… he is married everyone!) Anywho. Check it out, hope you dig it. 🙂


How has the song-writing process evolved throughout your career?

Like anything, you get better with practice! I’ve started to see the patterns of what makes a song memorable as an artist and for the audience. I think I put more into the craft now as opposed to just winging it and hoping I come up with something good. Knowing your craft is a big part of makes a professional a professional!


Exit To Temple Street is the last full length CD you have released. Do you have any plans for new music soon?

Exit To Temple Street is the fifth full length album I’ve recorded. I’m very proud of it and loved working with the producer, Lior Goldenberg. I’m excited to work with him again, hopefully sooner than later. I have a new 4 song EP, East / West (tentative title) coming out in the next couple of months. it was a very different process than the “Exit” recording sessions, but equally fun and I’m very happy with the finished songs.


Will the new work be an EP or a full CD?

For now it’s a four song EP but I’m already in discussions with the label about adding more songs and making it a full length release ultimately.


We heard of the Rock For Human Rights Tour. What is the purpose of this tour?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into being around the time the UN was first chartered after World War II. The idea was, for the first time in history, enough horrible things had happened on a large enough scale that the world united and said “enough!”. They articulated 30 rights that every man, woman and child on the planet has. But 60 years later, not so much has changed! I’m a big believer that most of the change that happens in the world to improve things begins with simple education and enlightenment. So Rock For Human Rights was founded to share basic information regarding everyone’s fundamental rights using live music and video performances and doing it in a very light, non-preachy way. Music, I believe, is meant to uplift people. This is just a logical extension of that.


Are there any dates set for Rock For Human Rights?

We’re planning on a late fall national tour! Our super high tech bus is being designed now. Exciting times!


Anything else you’ve been up to that you’d like to let people know about?

Between the new EP and getting R4HR off the ground, I’m about as busy as I can stand! Having support for those two ventures means a lot to me. Thanks to everyone for the interest!




Thanks so much to Wil for being on the blog! And if you get the urge to check out his music, do so! Exit To Temple Street is a GREAT album!

Until next time,

– Marjorye